Puzzle #3: Award Season

The Oscars are coming up, and that gives me an excuse to share one of my favorite videos ever (from a completely different award show): The 2013 Tony Awards opening number. I swear to you, dear solver, that it makes me cry every time I watch it, is truly one of the best acts of spectacle you can ask for and is well deserving the extended standing ovation they got:

Solve the puzzle first and then reward yourself with this. Trust me on this one.

I hope you did the puzzle first because it’s a tough act to follow. But we’re gonna try! Yes, “we” for this puzzle was a collaboration with a first time constructor who came with a theme that tickled me to no end and left thinking about her next puzzle. I look forward to Lambdaeight’s next project, when she can truly show how badly I was holding her back.

Lambdaeight says: My brain is a little broken, but in like a good way? Because I will now be doing a mindless task like walking my dog or doing the dishes and think, “That would be a funny clue for that word” which is not a thought I had six months ago. Thanks Josh!

Thanks again go to the thoughtful Kelsey, who gave this a test solve and helped us smooth off some rough edges. Thanks to Boisvert for catching an embarrassing typo in the first version of this puzzle that has now been fixed. With no further opening ceremonies, happy solving! (spoilers/explanations are below the puzzle)

Link to puzzle on Amuselabs: Award Season

Easy to print PDF downloadable below, if that’s your preference.

Spoilers in the links below:


And we almost named this puzzle Ting Tings because:

Horrible Bosses Reaction GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Are you callin’ me “darlin'”?

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