Puzzle #2: Report to the Shareholders

Sure has been a couple of shit weeks due to [global events] huh? I have had a less than stellar few days as well, but one lovely escape was creating this puzzle. This is my first acrostic, and the quote I picked is one of my favorite bars.*

Thanks go to Kelsey for test solving, Jibby for being the conduit for hearing about Boisvert’s (thank you Boisvert!) amazing tool for building acrostics. I still found putting this together a good amount of work, but the joy of feeling it come together was warm and familiar. As always, if you’re solving on twitch I’d love to know, and if you’re solving at all I’d love to know too. Enjoy!

*(The gray squares that are empty represent the end of the line)

Link to puzzle on Crossword nexus: Report to the Shareholders
Easy Print version here:

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