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Puzzle #12: Cryptic Themeless #1

Happy early thanksgiving to those who celebrate, I bring you a midi (24 clues) cryptic crossword with no association to the upcoming holiday. It does however feature a few clues I am extremely proud of, including my first use of a type of wordplay that still feels very new to me when I see it… Continue reading Puzzle #12: Cryptic Themeless #1

Puzzle #13: Journey through Hell

Yes, I’m skipping Puzzle 12, because Spooky Season got crammed into this puzzle and #13 is too appropriate. The title here is hopefully only literal and not figurative. That said, I’ll warn you up front, this one has a few clues you might be tempted to google, and friend, I’ve given you enough that you… Continue reading Puzzle #13: Journey through Hell

Puzzle #10: Fording the River

Another collab! I’ll let the woman of the hour explain:Lambdaeight says: It’s been a bit, but I am pretty sure I came up with the theme for this puzzle as I was falling asleep which is confirmed by its pure silliness. Then Josh said, “Hey! That’s a perfect 15.” And thus a puzzle was born! I… Continue reading Puzzle #10: Fording the River


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I’m a lifelong puzzle enthusiast and I hope I can share with you some of the joy they’ve brought me. Last puzzles created by me are here. Drop me a line at joshsolves @ gmail, or reach out on twitter @joshsolves if you solve something I made and want to make my day. Thanks for stopping by!

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