Puzzle #5: Well well well

We’re back! And, well….

I made some choices on this one friends.

Sometimes you decide: I don’t care that that hole is round, I’m getting this square peg in it. That is my metaphor for this puzzle at time of posting. This puzzle started out with a seed of “make a puzzle using the phrase “well well well” and ended with experimenting with custom wordlists in Crosserville and accepting that to get that beautiful well shape in the center, we’re going to have to break some rules.

So, note for those that care about such things: There is a two letter entry and one unchecked square in this puzzle. Also, there’s one random cryptic clue in there, I hope it’s easy enough on its own, but if you’d prefer a different clue I did put one in the hint option on the link below. No shade intended for rule followers, I am oft in your company.

The ‘thank you’s for test solving this one go to LambdaEight, Crosstina Aquafina, and KateSchmate. Helpful notes from all! Thanks to you for solving! Enjoy!

Link to puzzle on Amuselabs: Well well well

Easy to print PDF downloadable below, if that’s your preference.

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