Puzzle #1: World Tour

Sometimes an idea sticks in your head and won’t leave until you put it on a page. Such is the case for the center theme entry for this puzzle. If I’m being totally honest I probably would’ve wanted something a bit more clever (and less difficult?) as the first puzzle ready for mass consumption I’ve done in well over a decade. But as Jill Bearup recently put it “don’t be afraid of being an enthusiastic amateur”, and I ain’t scared. Puzzle creation is something I used to do as a teen, often while sitting in the back of math class, with a pencil and graph paper. Things have changed. The tools today have me excited to create more, (and to see if I cant hold the hands of some more hesitant would be creators).

And on that note, thank you to Danny, Jess, and Ben for test solving. Thank you Momes and Dob for cultivating a community on Crossweird that is kind, thoughtful, and welcoming. Thanks to that community for the help and inspiration. Thanks to you for giving it a go. The best compliment you could give me is that you would spend your time on it. If you have the time to spare, I’d love to know what you thought of it. Happy solving!

Link to puzzle on AmuseLabs: World Tour

Easy print version here: PDF

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