Puzzle #8: Welcome to the inn

I found this short video essay on what the author suggests is the rising trend of what he terms “cosy games”, and found the main tenet of the video to resonate with something I’ve known about myself: give me a game where the rules are straightforward, where I can have some sense of control and accomplishment, give me a world where things are this simple and I will mine that serotonin farm for all its worth.

My life outside of puzzles is good, but it has been a less than restful summer for one Mr. Solves. The great news is that in the fall I’ll be living in a house (that technically the bank owns, but my name is on the mortgage). The bad news is there is a lot to do between now and then. But every To Do list I’ve made has included some joyful activities, and this puzzle is the result of more than one session of joy. This one is a cryptic, which reminds me that I need to finish my intro to cryptics helper page, where’s a To Do list with some space on it?

Huge thanks to 4celise and Loplop, who both gave truly excellent insight and advice. The puzzle linked below is better than the one they got, and my appreciation is immense. I’ve included hints for each clue by providing the piece that is the straight definition (and take no shame if you do! Do the puzzle the way you enjoy it!). Thanks for giving it a go!

Link to puzzle on Amuselabs: Welcome to the inn

Easy to print PDF downloadable below, if that’s your preference.

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